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Hello! Thank you for checking out PlanetDiaper. My name is Joey and my wife, Kendal, and I are the Owners of PlanetDiaper. Our lives changed for the best just six months ago when our little Stan-Man (Stanley) joined our family. We are starting a blog to talk about our journey into parenthood and what got us to start PlanetDiaper; as well as what is going on currently with PlanetDiaper. We wish to interact with others with similar stories or unique ones of their own! This is a judge-free space for stories, dreams, recommendations, and much much more! Now let me tell you the story of how I fell in LOVE with cloth diapering…

While planning for Stanley’s arrival, Kendal did, what I would call, an obsessive amount of research towards cloth diapering. Flats, Pockets, Pre-Folds, Covers… Each day she spoke of something new it seemed.. Leaving me worried cloth diapering would be something I needed a textbook to help me understand in full what I was getting into. Whatever it would take, I was ready to learn!

Why was I so eager to learn? Kendal and I both orbit towards minimalistic traits and are eager to participate in paths to a cleaner, healthier planet. Also, the money saved using cloth diapers had my attention from the start. This is what made cloth-diapering not only an easy choice for us but a must.

After 6 Months of cloth diapering, I am glad to say they are not one bit intimidating. If anything, they are a joy and an art to learn. During the six months I used mostly Pockets and Pre-Folds and found myself soon using only Pre-Folds. It was at this time, while I would show off my skills of perfect fits and knowledge of what I was doing, as if I was now Kendal’s teacher, that she mentioned trying flats. Oh boy, what I’ve just perfected is now possibly going to be replaced by ANOTHER way to cloth diapering? At this point, I had 30 bookmarks on chrome to help me prepare for our next venture on the cloth diapering road. Flats

I was once again the student of Kendal’s teachings as she guided me through different folds. Flats come in many sizes and a few different shapes but the main idea of them is mind-blowing. It is a square of fabric folded into various origamis with a HUGE responsibility. Soon after my graduation from cloth diapers 101 with Kendal, Flats became my new favorite method for cloth diapering. At this point, I loved all the methods and was proud to say we are the parents of a fluff butt.

To get my point across clearly, let me just say: Do not be intimidated by cloth diapering. Maybe you aren’t but have questions. The good news is, the information is out there and Kendal and I are eager to answer any questions you may have! Cloth diapering is more than just a money saver. Cloth diapering is a step towards a cleaner planet for our little ones.

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