Q: Are the Dyes Baby Safe?

A:Yes! We only use Procion MX Fiber Reactive dyes which chemically bond to the fabric fibers when dyed correctly. We use a fixer while dyeing and wash multiple times until we are sure all of the excess dye that did not bond to the fabric has been rinsed out to ensure the baby’s bum stays clean!


Q: CPSIA Compliant?

A: Yes! All of our cloth diapers are CPSIA compliant. This means that our products are safe from harmful chemicals and metals and in compliance with all applicable children’s product safety rules enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 


Q:  Do you have to use a cover with flats?

A: We prefer cover-free at our house, but to make the flats water proof-a cover is needed. We typically use wool, fleece, or the occasional PUL cover when going out or for naps.


Q: How do I prep?

A: Each item is prepper for maximum absorbency. If you receive a hand-dyed item, it is recommended to rinse in the sink until clear or washing separately in the machine to ensure no dye bleed. We make sure to wash 5x after the dyeing process, but the extra rinse is to be absolutely sure no other beautiful diapers get harmed in the process!


Q: How do I use a flat?

A: There are endless uses for our flats. For diaper folds, you can explore many options on YouTube by searching “Flat Cloth Diaper Folds”. Other uses for our flats include: a swaddle, burb cloth, blanket, carseat/stroller-cover, bath towel, and much much more!


Q: Shipping Policy?

A: As we are a small WAHM shop (Work at Home Mom), we ask that you allow 3-7 business days for shipping. We always purchase 3-4 day shipping with tracking to ensure the item arrives to you in a timely manner. Please keep in mind during Covid, shipping times have been slightly delayed through USPS.


Q: Refunds?

A: All sales are final. We quality check each product before it ships. We check for tears, holes, or any damage to guarantee you receive our best quality products, however do keep in mind every product we produce is hand made in our home so there will be possible variances. Please contact us at PlanetDiaper@gmail.com for any questions.