Sea Serpent

This hand-dyed colorway is available in PD Contours, Stretchy Flats, and Boosters.
The flats will be made out of bamboo cotton stretch fleece.
The contour body is made up of three layers of bamboo cotton stretch fleece. The Heavy Wetter option has a layter of bamboo stretch fleece in the center of the trifold.
The trifold booster allows for customization of the absorbency while the simplicity of the body makes this diaper as easy to use as a preflat with a way better fit!
The Contours are currently available in OS and newborn.
Stretchy Flats are one layer and are available in the following sizes based off of availability:
Half Flat- 30x14in
Newborn- 20x20in
Infant- 24x24in
One Size-28x28in


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