What Does Tie-Dye Mean to YOU?

I started by asking Kendal this question. Her response: ” Tie-Dye to me is freedom of many areas in life. Creativity, feelings, and connecting with others through endless possibilities of colors and patterns. I feel my best when creating a piece of art with tie-dye. My soul is tie-dye!”

She’d tie-die our lawn if she could! I want you to ask yourself what tie-dye means to YOU. Does it bring certain feelings? remind you of a generation? Is it a work of art you fancy observing? Feel free to read through and learn a little more about where tie-dye came from and come back to the question!

How old is tie-dye?

A lot of answers will assume the hippie culture during the mid 60’s and 70’s birthed the idea of colorful styles while vibing on Magical Fungi and Ganj with Hendrix or The Beatles spinning on vinyl. Though our long hair nature lovers know how to make and wear some tie-dye, they are not the original creators. Sure, they spiced up the styles, tried new things, and may even be responsible for why tie-dye is still seen in fashion to this day in several countries. Beyond the rad style brought into wardrobes by tie-dye, tie-dye is a perfect expression for those living a life on the path of Love. Colorful and brave. Proud and loving and most of all, free and fearless!

It is hard to pinpoint the exact age of tie-dye. This is because examples of tie-dye have been found in many regions scattered around the world. China and Africa are home to the findings of some of the earliest tie-dying dating back to 800 A.D. China’s designs included simple circles with multiple colors. Africa on the other hand, has a very well know style of tie-dying still practiced today known as Indigo Dying. Indigo dying does not vary as much as the tie-dye most people are familiar with today. But, it still follows the way of all other tie and dying processes. If you are a tie-dye lover, I’d recommend reading more about the beautiful Indigo Dying and the process…ok ok. Enough History Class, we’re moving on!

Is tie-dye more than just fashion today?

To me, absolutely!! Colors have an influence on daily life, each and every moment, wether we recognize it or not. Moods, emotions, attitudes, and many feelings can be easily triggered by color. Why do you think every fast food logo is red? Because the color can trigger your brain to think without you! HUNGER entered the chat. The same happens with tie-dye. Our souls are colorful. Each unique in its very own way. To say it frankly, tie-dye is a special work of art and so are you.

To this day, I have yet to meet someone who does not like tie-dye. To me, that says something about the style. I am sure I know people that would not wear tie-dye, but whos to say they do not still enjoy looking at it. Colors work magic in life, and I think we can all agree it never hurts to bring some color into the day! Now I’m curious to know: What does tie-dye mean to you? Please let me know in the comments below! and ALWAYS remember:

You are Loved!

You are Important!

You are Bright!

4 thoughts on “What Does Tie-Dye Mean to YOU?

  1. Tulani Graham says:

    I’ve always been a lover of color and not the muted soft colors all tho I like them well enough and they have their place but I like bold bright invigorating colors they just make me super happy!
    Tie dye gives me a chance to experiment with and experience all these various colors that I love. It’s always a surprise seeing the results unfold even if I used the same colors and techniques they always come out differently. I love being able to join two of the things I really love and am passionate about and that’s cloth diapering and tie dying. It allows me to express my creativity and bring color into my life in a very necessary way. I love it💕
    That’s just some of what tie dye means to me.

  2. Dessi says:

    Tye dye to me is personality and mood. If I’m feeling mellow I can surround myself with colors that are mellow, if I’m feeling outgoing and loud I can pick colors for that too. I love Tye dye flats for my baby girl because she has alot to do with how I feel every day since I have to keep up with her energy.

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